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Environment Related Initiatives

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Rain Water Harvesting :-

Arya Girls College is located on Staff road of Ambala Cantt and spread over an area of 7 acres. In 1983 the water was available at 13 to 15 m below ground level but now it is beyond 65 meter. The water level is declining rapidly due to heavy exploitation of ground water. The potable as well as non-potable water requirements of the college were met by a borewell which remained operational for 19 years and had gone out of order 2 years back. To meet the crises, 3 water supply connections from Cantonment Board were subscribed to fulfill the portable water requirement and 3 jet pumps were installed to meet the nonpotable requirement. Now tube well in the campus has been rehabilitated by experts and is functional.



Vermiculture means artificial rearing or cultivation of worms (earthworms) and the technology is the scientific process of using them for the betterment of human beings. The site in our campus marked for vermibeds on the raised ground is watered and a 4”-6” layer of any slowly biodegradable agricultural residue such as dried leaves/grass/straw etc. is laid over it after soaking with water. This is followed by 1” layer of vermicompost or farm yard manure. Earthwarms are released on each vermibed.The loaded waste is finally covered with a jute mat to protect earthworms from birds and insects. Water is sprinkled on the vermibeds daily according to requirement and season to keep them moist. The waste is turned upside down fortnightly without disturbing the basal layer (verminbed). The appearance of black granular crumbly powder on top of vermibeds indicates harvest stage of the compost. Watering is stopped for at least 5 days at this stage. The earthworms go down and the compost is collected from the top without disturbing the lower layers (vermibed). The first lot of vermicompost is ready for harvesting after 2-2.5 months and the subsequent lots can be harvested after every 6 weeks of loading. The vermibed is loaded for the next treatment cycle.


Herbal Garden :-

Green! this colour ushers in peace, harmony, happiness, prosperity and the world goes on. Arya Girls College made an endeavour in this direction by taking up a few eco-friendly projects. One of them is ‘Herbal Garden’. It showcases some of the rare medicinal plants. The jubilee Park named ’AGC 50’ was another green feather in the cap. The herbal garden prized possessions are amla, ashwagandha, rudraksha, sarpgandha, satavari, gawarpatha, patharchata, brahmi butti, tulsi, bel, neem, arjun and hibiscus. In the garden some species of herbs and medicinal plants have been grown. We would carry on adding as many species as possible in the years to come. The aim of this garden is to encourage students interest in the country’s rich biodiversity and medicinal plant resources.


Introducing CFL usage:-

Solar energy is the most readily available source of energy. It does not belong to any body and is therefore free. It is the most important non-conventional source of energy as it is non-polluting and helps in lessening the green house effect. Frequent power failure initiated the need of solar lights in the Campus. We begin, by initially, using CFL lights which are energy saving and emit an intense glow to light up the campus spread in 7 acres of land.

Quote of the day

Education is the most powerful weapon which you  can use to change the world.

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